Effing Dead – The Broken Path


Horror and survival in outer space


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Effing Dead – The Broken Path is a third-person horror and action game that according to its own developers was directly inspired by Resident Evil 4, even though it's actually much more similar to the more recent Dead Space.

You control the last surviving defense clone on a spaceship sent to a distant planet to find new water sources. Before long you discover that something terrible has happened on the ship when you come across crew members who've turned into lobotomized creatures determined to destroy you.

Fortunately, the clone protagonist has a service pistol and, more importantly, a powerful V-blade, a knife that can be used to finish off stunned enemies in hand-to-hand combat.

As you advance through the spacecraft you have to solve small puzzles in addition to facing tons of enemies. Fortunately, in order to finish off all the enemies, you'll find many more weapons such as shotguns and grenades along the way.

The combat style in Effing Dead – The Broken Path is very well developed. You can destroy your enemies’ heads to kill them off quickly, or aim at their limbs to slow them down and then finish them off with melee attacks.

Effing Dead – The Broken Path is a fun third-person action game with amazing graphics and a very interesting plot. In short, a free game that borders on truly outstanding.